Anxiety Treatment Branford

Anxiety Treatment Branford

If traditional counseling has not worked for you, the services offered at the Center for NeuroPotential in Branford, Connecticut could be the answer. We believe in a holistic approach to counseling. This means we will work on your mind, body and brain to help you look at life in a new way. We explore how our brains, feelings, thoughts, bodies and spiritual beliefs come together to impact daily life. Our motto is ‘Train Your Brain and You Will Change Your World.’

Eye Movement Desensitization Processing

This form of counseling treats numerous conditions; post traumatic stress disorder, grief, trauma, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, phobia, addictions and eating disorders. By participating in EMDR counseling you will learn to overcome your past without having to talk about it endlessly or reliving your traumas. There are eight phases of EMDR counseling.

History and Treatment Planning

In the first one or two counseling sessions we will develop the appropriate treatment plan after learning about your history. We will discuss why you are seeking our services, your behavioral problems and any physical symptoms of your behavior. The treatment plan will note negative past events and the impact they have on your current life. This will help your counselor choose the skills to learn to improve your well being.


In counseling you will learn specific skills to improve how you tolerate stress. More importantly, you will learn how to use these skills outside of counseling.


In this step you will learn what specifically targets your stress. This is called target sequencing. Your thought patterns will be explored to identify five pieces of specific information about a stressful event; target memories, target images, negative cognition, emotions and body locations of the stress Depending on your situation this step could take numerous sessions.


This step is known as exposure counseling. You will recall a negative thought you have about yourself, visualize that memory’s mental picture, name the emotions and body sensations associated with the memory and rate it. Next is bilateral stimulation, using eye movements, tappers, a light bar or music at the same time to desensitize and process your feelings.


In this step you will learn to replace a negative belief with a positive belief related to what triggers your stress. We teach you how to accept the new positive belief is true. You may also need to take some action outside of counseling sessions. This may include developing a new hobby or taking a special interest class.

Body Scan

All of your traumas are stored in the body. After assessing and desensitizing the body sensations related to your trauma, we will help you notice any physical signs of trauma still in your body.


In this step we make sure you are confident with how far you have come to tolerate your stress. You will have an extended period of relaxation and learn to manage feelings that resurface when you are not in counseling.


Here we will re-evaluate previous sessions and see if any stress remains. If necessary we will reprocess your remaining stress to get rid of it.

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Anxiety Treatment Branford

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