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When entering a rehab center, it is helpful to know about the facility and the professional staff that will be providing the care you need. Knowing the specialists might help you determine whether that facility is the right fit for you. At ClearLife Recovery, we offer addiction treatment services in Costa Mesa for anyone suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Our dedicated medical staff is passionate about providing quality care to every patient that checks into our California treatment center.

Our Staff

The staff is the backbone of any rehab facility. An addiction treatment center can have the best amenities, but if the staff members do not possess the necessary skills or experience or work well together. In that case, the overall success of the rehab center will dwindle. Also, a rehab center can offer the best addiction treatment programs, but if the staff cannot deliver these programs, the rehab center is in serious trouble.

At ClearLife Recovery, our rehab center is run like an organization. We have administrative and executive staff that runs the day-to-day operations of our treatment facility, while we have professional staff members that provide addiction treatment services. However, all of our team, regardless of their position, works together to achieve the goal of helping patients who are addicted recover from drugs and alcohol.

Our Facility

At ClearLife Recovery, we are committed to offering an individualized treatment plan. We use many different modalities to motivate and assist our patients. These range from behavioral therapy that helps control patients to cognitive therapy, which helps with coping skills, improved self-efficacy, and decreased probability of relapse.

We also offer educational group therapy in our facility that lets the patient and family know the stages of change, family systems, and enabling behaviors. We also offer the following treatment options in our facilities to help our patients succeed and move to sustainable sobriety:

  • Recreation to promote social interaction and exercise.
  • Fitness therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, and meditation to help restore the mind, body, and soul.
  • Life skills, including time management, basic hygiene, and employment skills.

Our Commitment

Overcoming addiction requires time and commitment. We are committed to offering comprehensive medical treatment for each patient’s needs, whether they need to go through alcohol detox or drug detox. Our commitment to complete treatment means you will never be treated like a guest at our rehab center. We assess all aspects of your substance abuse to customize a plan that will be used to address your issues. Our goal is to promote long-term sobriety and recovery and ensure you’re medically sound. We cater to your medical needs and take away the everyday distractions to have the space to heal.

Contact ClearLife Recovery For Your Addiction treatment in California

If you or a loved one is struggling to beat drug or alcohol addiction, you can’t afford to wait another day. Our medical staff is here to help you attain and maintain long-term sobriety. Contact our Costa Mesa, CA addiction treatment center at 844-964-1409 for help.

California treatment center

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