Treatment Center Thousand Oaks

Treatment Center Thousand Oaks

Are you searching for a quality treatment center in Thousand Oaks either for yourself or your loved one? If so, you are in the right place now! La Ventana Treatment Programs is a revolutionary treatment center for mental health and addiction patients in Thousand Oaks. Using state-of-the-art tools, extensive schooling and training, and a wealth of experience to draw on, La Ventana provides personalized treatment to assess and address the needs of all of our patients.

A Customized Treatment Center in Thousand Oaks

As the old saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks,” it is clear that not all patients respond the same way to identical treatments. This is true for a number of reasons, such as that some people may only have addiction issues while others may only have mental health issues. Further, people who have addictions may be addicted to different substances. Further still, everyone has different backgrounds, different personalities, and different ways of relating to the world around them. Therefore, La Ventana Treatment Programs believes in customizing treatment solutions according to the specific needs of each one of our patients.

La Ventana’s customized treatment services includes medically supervised detox, residential rehab, outpatient treatment, and more! Plus, La Ventana networks with the best treatment providers in California to give our patients the resources they need to succeed. Whether an individual is suffering from addiction, mental health problems, or both, La Ventana is uniquely positioned to provide the best care in town.

La Ventana Treatment Programs is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Thousand Oaks

Whether you are familiar with the statistics or not, it probably comes as no surprise that people with addictions often have mental health problems. Conversely, people with mental health problems often develop addictions. An addiction or a mental health condition by itself can be challenging and troubling enough. But when you combine an addiction with a mental health disorder or two, then you have the recipe for a “perfect storm” of self-destruction and chaotic life.

It is not always clear whether a mental health disorder resulted from the addiction or if it was present prior to the addiction and perhaps even had something to do with the development of the addiction. In mental health treatment and rehabs across California, patients often slip through the cracks because symptoms of mental health conditions are widely mistaken for symptoms of addiction. As you can see, dual diagnosis treatment is complicated, and only a few treatment centers in Thousand Oaks are qualified to diagnose and treat dual diagnosis conditions.

What We Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is clear is that when a dual diagnosis condition is present, treating one without the other will never help the patient attain long-term recovery. Both conditions have to be treated together. This means that the patient needs to have their disorder(s) identified quickly and properly and the best treatment solution implemented. Treatment for dual diagnosis conditions may or may not include medication.

Treatment Center Thousand Oaks

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